Education and Training Consultant

"To take every opportunity for learning, you must first see everything as an opportunity for learning."

Example Training Package

Bepoke Training Sessions

Area for Development:

As English and maths are well and truly at the centre of everything we do as Further Education practitioners, impacting on every member of staff and each learner in a different way, we offer bespoke training sessions tailored to your establishments needs and goals.

Ofsted Criteria considers:

The strategic priority that leaders and managers give to the provision of English and mathematics to ensure that learners improve their levels of skills in these subjects compared with their starting points (CIF, 2015).

Course Content:

  • This would depend on your need, but you could take a look at the other example packages to identify areas of focus for your establishments training session.

Suitable for:

Staff working in Further Education who have a responsiblity to improve their establishment's promotion of English and maths, (for bespoke training, this is for you to identify).

Impact of Training:

Staff and learners see the relevance of English and maths to their main programme of study, this will raise learner attendance, achievement, retention and success. Staff feel more confident in their own skills and more passionate about supporting their learners to succeed in their English and maths qualifications.

All training packages can be delivered as full or half day training sessions, more substantial courses in English and maths provision are available on request. All sessions can be modified to meet the needs of training providers and institutions.