Education and Training Consultant

"To take every opportunity for learning, you must first see everything as an opportunity for learning."

Example Training Package

GCSE English in a Year – Success in Further Education

Area for Development:

Following the changes to Conditions of Funding we are now in a position where learners are required to continue to study English and or maths until they achieve at least a grade C (soon to be grade 4/5). In order to enable our learners to achieve GCSE qualifications, we need to deliver the qualification in a way which is accessible to them, stretches and challenges them and provides them with the opportunity to achieve.

Ofsted Criteria considers:

The proportion of learners completing their courses and achieving meaningful qualifications, including, where appropriate, in English and mathematics, that are relevant to their career aims or learning goals is very high or improving rapidly (CIF, 2015).

Course Content:

  • GCSE English qualification content (old and new spec)
  • Methods of delivery to aid progression
  • Scaffolding to aid understanding and improve skills
  • Assessment for learning – interactive methods of assessment
  • Contextualising content to aid engagement

Suitable for:

English teachers new (or not so new) to teaching GCSE English in FE. Teachers who are seeking teaching and learning methods which enable learners to achieve and excel in GCSE English in just one year.

Impact of Training:

Improved behaviour and level of engagement in GCSE English classes. Learners achieve more from English classes as teachers are given a range of methods to meet the needs of their learners, scaffold their skills and make learning interactive, allowing for a more positive and productive learning environment, resulting in higher retention, achievement and success.

All training packages can be delivered as full or half day training sessions, more substantial courses in English and maths provision are available on request. All sessions can be modified to meet the needs of training providers and institutions.