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Example Training Package

Developing Learner English and Maths Skills in Vocational Sessions

Area for Development:

Every subject includes English and maths, but how far does the responsibility of our vocational teachers go in regards to developing English and maths skills with learners? We’re being graded on it, but how do we achieve this and how can we avoid missing opportunities to work with learners on their English and maths skills in their vocational programme of study?

Ofsted Criteria considers:

Staff promote, where appropriate, English, mathematics, ICT and employability skills exceptionally well and ensure that learners are well-equipped with the necessary skills to progress to their next steps (CIF, 2015).

Course Content:

  • What initial assessments and diagnostics actually mean
  • The responsibilities of the vocational tutor with regards to the development of English and maths skills
  • Practical methods for developing learners English and maths skills.
  • Understanding the relevance of English and maths and promoting that understanding with learners.

Suitable for:

Vocational teachers who need to know how to develop learner English and maths skills and English and maths subject specialists working alongside vocational teachers in FE.

Impact of Training:

Learners see the relevance of English and maths to their main programme of study, this will raise their attendance, achievement, retention and success. Staff feel more confident in their own skills.

All training packages can be delivered as full or half day training sessions, more substantial courses in English and maths provision are available on request. All sessions can be modified to meet the needs of training providers and institutions.